Edwin Rivera


Edwin says of himself, “I’ve always been hands-on… and I don’t mind hard work.” We can vouch for that. We first saw these qualities when he joined The Challenge Program (TCP) in 2020 while continuing to work as a painter for his father, a contractor. After graduating from TCP, Edwin enrolled in the Delaware Skills Center where he earned his OSHA-10 Safety Certificate and completed the NCCER carpentry training program. Eager to broaden his skillset, he joined CP Furniture in early 2023.Looking back on his experience at TCP, Edwin says: “It helped me get to adult speed.” Asked about working at CP Furniture, he says this: “I like work that requires attention to detail. I like putting care into things.” Then he adds, “I’d like to work here for a long time.” Outside of work, Edwin enjoys rowing in an 8-man shell—“sweep,” he informs us. And he has a musical side. “I play guitar. I’m self-taught, actually. YouTube.”