Where Craftsmanship Empowers Youth

Dual Mission

Jobs & Training Opportunities

To provide jobs and enhanced training opportunities to empower graduates of the Challenge Program

Financial Stability

To support the Challenge Program financially—all proceeds from CP Furniture sales are reinvested in the program 

The Challenge Program

The Challenge Program, our parent organization and Delaware-based 501(c)(3), is an entry-level workforce development nonprofit that teaches work and life skills to youth (ages 18 to 24) facing serious barriers to employment. Challenge Program trainees are drawn from communities most in need of services. 90% of trainees are food insecure; 75% are in the legal system; 75% have experienced homelessness; 70% have been expelled from or dropped-out of traditional high school. As the program works to overcome these and other barriers, trainees receive wages and wrap-around case management services.

 We aim to support and empower youth with enhanced training opportunities. Upon graduation, trainees who want to develop their skills further can join CP Furniture (CPF) as apprentices—taking on a full-time, one-year paid position in our shop. As a social enterprise of the Challenge Program, CPF contributes to the financial sustainability of the program through furniture sales.

Visit challengeprogram.org

Stories from the Shop

Hear what our trainees and apprentices have to say.

“You put all this work in, and you get to see the project completed. Often the client is so excited, they bring someone else into the shop. "

— Kyle Hamilton

“There’s a lot of resources here to help you figure out what you want to do. It helps you get on your feet... I got a career path now.”



“If it was not for The Challenge Program, I would not be where I am today.”


2023 Alumni Awardee

— Lamar harding

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